Peneraju Percetakan Bumiputra Semenjak 1960

Visi Korporat

At Pustaka Aman Press Sdn. Bhd, we are commited to serve our customer through creative, innovative
and professional approach.


We believe in certain basic principles to guide us in our professional activities:

  • Integrity and objectivity
    putting the interest of customers above personal interest
  • Innovative
    offering customers with newer and better techniques
  • Quality
    commitment to provide the best expertise and to deliver the best services and products
    that meet the highest quality requirement.
  • Long-Term Relationship
    determination to cultivate long term alliance with our customers.


Based on our corporate mission and philosophy, we are embarking on the following strategies:

  • to establish a close relationship with our customers in order to provide customized services.
  • to equip ourselves with the latest and most advanced machineries and IT equipment in order
  • to increase production and quality.